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The Corinthians is an organization that promotes social activities related to recreational boating, socializing and general fun.  With members from all walks of life, we have a rich history of social and organized boating activities. 

Upcoming Events and Cruises

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Upcoming EVENTS:


All future activities are CANCELED until further notice.




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Upcoming CRUISES:




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Most Immediate Future Social and Boating Events are Cancelled due to the Coronavirus.  Stay SAFE!


More events will be planned when we know more about the Coronavirus.  But, some ideas for upcoming events include:


Flower Arranging at Field of Flowers


Tennis and Pickleball Round Robin




Movie and Dinner


Snorkel and Scuba Day Cruise


Summer Dinner on Boat Raft Out in Lake Boca


Fashion Show (October?)


Cruises to Williams Island and Stuart





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Commodore Lucy Feit

2019 - 2020

"Friendships Everlasting"

- Commodore Lucy Feit

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Happy Hours




Boat US membership has been renewed and is available to the entire Club. This membership entitles members to a discount of $12.50 for membership with Boat US. There is a group ID#GA84293Y with the group name of LPYRC.

We can now accept credit cards for Corinthian events.

You will be charged a small processing fee.

Solicitation Policy: 

Corinthian members and/or their family members or associates shall not use their membership, their access to Corinthian rosters, Corinthian mailing list or email addresses for their personal or business gain. Nor shall they solicit business at Corinthian events including cruises. Any violation of the above will be handled according to the Bylaws Article ll, Section 13."







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